Artistic Transit Zone

last year was the time of ‘I Started Wearing Black’
this year working on ‘Music For People Who Shave Their Heads’
though still around here and there

Score for Everything Belongs To The Future

schauspielhaus dortmund
laurie penny | director: laura junghanns | music: sonae | photo: birgit hupfeld


I Started Wearing Black Tour

#CologneMusicExport of kulturamt der stadt köln

25.11.2018 klang und raum festival cologne
22.-24.11.2018 klangstärke festival hildesheim
09.11.2018 2o years female:pressure @ mensch meier berlin
06.10.2018 23rpm festival london
06.-09.09.2018 chouftouhonna festival tunis
01.+02.09.2018 um festival uckermark
16.08.2018 tweak #2 london
16.06.2018 atelier automatique bochum
09.06.2018 transdisciplina a/v málaga
07.06.2018 a-musik spätkauf cologne
26.05.2018 urban frictions festival @ pact essen
02.05.2018 kolonia artystów gdansk
27.04.2018 spektrum berlin
31.03.2018 köln ist kaput @ gold+beton cologne



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I Started Wearing Black

release friday april 13th on monika enterprise


2016/17 Press

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Far away … remixed

of sonae’s debut-album ‘far away is right around the corner’
four remixes + four music videos + artwork remix

videopremiere dirk markham rmx via Groove | videopremiere markus guentner rmx via Kaput | videopremiere cétieu rmx via Sounds Of A Tired City | videopremiere mimicof rmx via a strangely isolated place


Live at Elektro Müller | Klingklang Düsseldorf

01. – 11.06.2016

i’ve been thinking about artist residencies for quite a while now as an opportunity to find into an institutional frame that allows artists to concentrate on their work. during the last year studying at the institute for popular music at folkwang university of arts i more and more understood what beeing an artist means to me and how much i lack time for my music work. why i applied for an artist residency at klingklang:
room = space = time.

when i arrived at the studio it was an empty room. it’s only comfort was the space itself and the pa, for me in a meaning of having place for all my equipment and plugging it so i could either produce or reherse playing live at any time without disturbance. but i felt the need to rethink the room, to arrive, to breathe inspiration why i changed the position of the tables and brought flowers.

when i felt a bit more home at klingklang and started working but i felt growing expectations regarding what to achieve during these two weeks. so much space to fill! freedom turned into duty. though i worked on sounds the days felt heavy, empty, unsatisfying. i decided to setup the programm for the closing concert first in hope to to find into a relaxed weekend and return to freedom again. space = time = growth.

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week two at klingklang was far easier, i enjoyed rehersing, i took the chance to listen to unfinished tracks on the new speakers, i played around. and decided to bring in visuals to the concert for which i took a photo walk through the japanese quartier, an amazing and inspiring experience as you will feel more in asia than in europe when exploring certain streets downtown düsseldorf.

live at elektro müller: sonae
artist residency closing concert
saturday 11th of june 2016 20h

the concert made a festive ending to my time in düsseldorf. everything i prepared for the evening worked well, even twisting the tiny buttons of my new kork rhythm machine with nervous fingers. having tim fehske with me for visualising the place made it complete: electronic music and live visuals are twin art-forms, one can be told without the other but once you experience them together you’ll see them as a whole.

Score for Helden

director: laura junghanns | music: sonae


prinzregenttheater bochum
04.03.2016 | 05.03.2016 |28.04.2016
07.01.2016 | 09.01.2016 | 29.01.2016

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