“patient forest techno” resident advisor

2018 second album ‘i started wearing black’ on monika enterprise

2017 ma graduation at institute for popular music of folkwang university of arts (essen / germany). ‘women in computer music scholarship’ for max msp summer academy at ccrma of stanford university (palo alto, california / usa). monika werkstatt album release and eu tour. ‘leise fäden’ album collaboration with danielle de picciotto

2016 artist in residence at klingklang, former studio of electronic music pioneers kraftwerk (düsseldorf / germany). performing artist of collective monika werkstatt curated by gudrun gut

2015 debut album ‘far away is right around the corner’ on monika enterprise. „die reuelos wundervollste flimmerelektrik der saison“ („the unrepentant most wonderful flimmerelectric of the season“), states german groove magazine; nominated for a via! vut indie award 2015 in the category ‘best album’

2014 founding of ‘female:pressure electronic concerts’ and ‘electronic:music:home’ (cologne / germany) both culture funded projects dedicated to female artists in electronic music

2012 debut ep ‘cologne’ on ambient and electronica label a strangely isolated place. remixes for british ambient musician 36, markus guentner or cio d’or besides eps and compilation contributions