Music For People


People who shave their heads have good reason. 
To shave the head often stands for a conflict, circumanstances not necessarily choosen freely, for inner and outer friction or an overdue decision. A buzz cut is not an ordinary hairstyle but marks a visual gap between majority and the others.
What would be your reason to shave the head?

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agf | blint | derek piotr | katsunori sawa | kelli ali | mimicof |
natalie tba beridze | nokuit | phasenmensch | zoe mc pherson
formats: digital album + mixtape released with bit-phalanx


artwork | markus guentner

live performance preview | sound-visual-edit by sonae
including the video works
»Shave« by bum lee
»Head Shave« by willowdarling
»STRP« by chris shadbolt

If there was reason for me to shave my head, it would be pain: expression of my inner friction, chafing at unacceptable political circumstances, and I suffer with every victim these claim. As much chafing at smaller circumstances which directly surround me and leave me desperate about common issues, opinions and moral values.

artist photography | katja ruge


The work on Music For People Who Shave Their Heads opened discussion and thinking toward the album title in a wider context: Considering head shaving as a cultural praxis, the reception of symbols and what it reveals about our cultural socialisation – How Do You Look At People? How Do You Read People? – , and in how far artist work has to cover aspects of research, discourse and mediation.

article | meakusma magazine
artistic report about the album’s work process