“All the more reason to admire an already righteous artist.” The Wire

“Learn her name now.” a closer listen

“patient, forest techno” Resident Advisor

I Started Wearing Black is a striking album. […]
Despite its tight rhythms and dancefloor-esque beats, the music is intelligent enough to whisper of revolution, and brave enough to confront its distressing situations, of love lost and romantic disintegration.” Fluid Radio by James Catchpole

“riveting new record” Self-titled Magazine by Andrew Parks

“Sonae hat das Schwierige am „schwierigen“ zweiten Album nicht verdrängt sondern kultiviert und vielleicht gerade dadurch ein etwas von der Leichtigkeit des Debüts in ihre düster kalte Gegenwart hinübergerettet.” Groove by Frank P. Eckert

“Is it a just coincidence, or is a new wave of female composers/musicians/DJ’s currently re-defining electronic music?” Ambientblog by Peter van Cooten

“fantastisches Album” a-Musik Radio Dublab (DE) by Wolfgang Brauneis

“For all its sharp edges, I Started Wearing Black is an unexpectedly soothing listen. There is a gentleness to Güttler’s compositions. She has a way of making beautiful music with sounds that – in other artists’ hands – would be overwhelming and difficult.” Baddpress by Kevin Press

“… in not just using but renewing hauntology, breathing life into what’s become a thin shade — she also breathes in further death, in turning to face our underlying sense of sociopolitical threat. Resistant melancholy is her response. […]
Güttler`s work is less “accessible”, but it feels kin to those acts [Burial, Tricky] inasmuch as it`s music made in the shadows of council housing and of austerity politics, made of lost futures whose possibility has evapored, sounds that delve so deep into the in-between spaces of Brutalism that they become texturally lush.”
Tiny Mix Tapes by Rowan Savage

“Sonaes Blackness ist nicht lähmend: Sie ist präsent und lebendig, wird umworben und überwunden zugleich. Ein großartiges Album” Missy Magazine by Christina Mohr

“It’s a tough, but cathartic listen. Ruminations on haunting melancholia, body politics and a clamoring, world-weary malaise.” Tome to the Weathermachine by Ryan Hall

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