“A sombre reminder of environmental crisis in this collaborative audiovisual work by Cologne based composer and producer Sonae with video artist Jennifer Trees … Sonae’s accompanying sound work is equally striking.” The Wire

Summer ranks among this year‚Äôs best electronic works.” The Moderns

“40-minutes of confrontation, acceptance and pragmatic optimism. Bold and defiant movements amass tensions dictating a contortion in an emotive reaction that at times bends the psychological perspective of Summer” Igloo Magazine

“The partnership between Sonae (Sonia G√ľttler) and Trees has produced one of the year‚Äôs most stunning documents.” a closer listen

“musique √©lectronique √† la fois simple et imm√©diate, comme peut l‚Äô√™tre toute musique √©lectronique, mais aussi forte, complexe et touffue, riche et dense. Il s‚Äôagit de ces musiques √©lectroniques assez spirituelles, d‚Äôune grande profondeur, d‚Äôune grande beaut√©, d‚Äôune grande froideur et m√©canique, tr√®s abstraite mais qui en devient tr√®s organique et tr√®s concr√®te” Benzine Webzine d’essence culturelle

“Das Album wurde 2020 im hei√üesten Sommer, der jemals gemessen wurde, produziert und verarbeitet programmatisch diese Hitzeperiode.” Groove

“Eerie atmospheres develop underneath a wide range of dark edges and zigzagging synthetic notes with a lingering beat. Intensity tested whose limits are diffuse that reveals an exquisite abstraction.” Loop

“Sonae costruisce un viaggio in abile equilibrio tra armonia e dissonanza, impatto e sperimentazione restituendoci i tratti di un‚Äôestate anomala in cui si fondono/confondono leggerezza e malinconia, la calda luce del sole e le ombre cupe di un futuro sempre pi√Ļ incerto, specchio di un‚Äôepoca che richiede consapevolezza e un deciso cambio di rotta.” SoWhat

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“All the more reason to admire an already righteous artist.” The Wire

“Learn her name now.” a closer listen

“patient, forest techno” Resident Advisor

I Started Wearing Black¬†is a striking album. […]
Despite its tight rhythms and dancefloor-esque beats, the music is intelligent enough to whisper of revolution, and brave enough to confront its distressing situations, of love lost and romantic disintegration.”¬†Fluid Radio by James Catchpole

“riveting new record”¬†Self-titled Magazine¬†by Andrew Parks

“Sonae hat das Schwierige am ‚Äěschwierigen‚Äú zweiten Album nicht verdr√§ngt sondern kultiviert und vielleicht gerade dadurch ein etwas von der Leichtigkeit des Deb√ľts in ihre d√ľster kalte Gegenwart hin√ľbergerettet.”¬†Groove¬†by Frank P. Eckert

“Is it a just coincidence, or is a new wave of female composers/musicians/DJ‚Äôs currently re-defining electronic music?”¬†Ambientblog¬†by Peter van Cooten

“fantastisches Album”¬†a-Musik Radio Dublab (DE) by Wolfgang Brauneis

“For all its sharp edges,¬†I Started Wearing Black¬†is an unexpectedly soothing listen. There is a gentleness to G√ľttler‚Äôs compositions. She has a way of making beautiful music with sounds that ‚Äď in other artists‚Äô hands ‚Äď would be overwhelming and difficult.”¬†Baddpress¬†by Kevin Press

“… in not just using but renewing hauntology, breathing life into what‚Äôs become a thin shade ‚ÄĒ she also breathes in further death, in turning to face our underlying sense of sociopolitical threat. Resistant melancholy is her response. […] G√ľttler`s work is less “accessible”, but it feels kin to those acts [Burial, Tricky] inasmuch as it`s music made in the shadows of council housing and of austerity politics, made of lost futures whose possibility has evapored, sounds that delve so deep into the in-between spaces of Brutalism that they become texturally lush.” Tiny Mix Tapes¬†by Rowan Savage

“Sonaes Blackness ist nicht l√§hmend: Sie ist pr√§sent und lebendig, wird umworben und √ľberwunden zugleich. Ein gro√üartiges Album”¬†Missy Magazine¬†by Christina Mohr

“It’s a tough, but cathartic listen. Ruminations on haunting melancholia, body politics and a clamoring, world-weary malaise.”¬†Tome to the Weathermachine¬†by Ryan Hall

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