SUMMER no longer is it the season of relaxation, leisure and good vibes only, we have to deal with both sides of things. SUMMER has lost its lightness, still there can be hope: standing in the centre, we have the power to change course.

SUMMER is not a warning. it is not meant to scare and frighten with dire predictions of what could happen if we don’t act now. it is not an explanation or an argument. SUMMER simply holds up a mirror and asks us to experience and behold both the beauty and the brutality of our present reality.

w/ video artist jennifer trees



Sonae’s work is programmatic, presenting a progressive, intensifying narrative and suggesting aural phenomena of the natural world – buzzing insects, breaking rocks, waves crashing, dust and heat rising – and characterising the seasonal spirit as capricious, volatile and punishing. In these ways, Summer is related to pastoral traditions of European classicism, evoking the aura of doomed and dust-blown gothic grandiosity. It also has feet firmly planted within the lean, sound worlds of underground techno – pulsating four-on-the-floor beats with deep, vibrational sine-wave sub kicks; elegantly bleak, distorted atmospherics that straddle the uncanny space between corrosion and euphoria. The result is a visceral and poetic listening experience. Original, highly affecting, fully engaging body, mind and soul.

artwork | cameron robbins

Sonae’s music evokes imagination, provokes emotion, and disrupts and defies expectations. She explores the edges and intensities of experience, creating audible and embodied sensations that suggest the physical, atmospheric, and psychological effects of global warming on a living organism. We feel the fatigue, the slowness, sweatiness, dizziness, the sensations of uncomfortable warmth and burning; the atmospheres are hazy, dark and heavy, articulations are brutish and tactile, crunchy and sharp; there is restlessness and resignation, desolation and awe. 

artist photography | katja ruge

sommer, eine kĂĽnstlerische beschäftigung | radiobeitrag

the four seasons

liner notes | leah kardos
final album mix | richard 0III0
mastering | matthew collings
video trailer | jan hoehe
installation pictures | niclas weber
mentoring | martel ollerenshaw

final mix by 0III0 funded by kulturamt der stadt köln
project realisation supported by NICA artist development