The Quiet Series

about the progress of feeling lost and isolated
getting through sadness to find inner peace and quiet
only retirement bears mental and cultural retreat
an essential for urban birds

means to leave things behind, to slow and calm down –
the friendly advice to retreat, a pleading for peace and quiet

Quiet III
describes the way out of everyday’s groove
via absolute zero to the point of no return
and back to confidence and love for life

Quiet IV
the story of the girl with a hole in her soul

the girl was used to celebrate an everyday carnival
full of shrill colouring and loud singing – till overload
detracting her from a hole in her soul
a white spot on her inner mapping

one day, the girl found herself beeing very, very tired of celebrating
the colours seemed synthetical and the singing seemed to scream
the girl felt a strong inner wish to stop that noise and madness –
and decided the carnival to be over …

a try to approach desire

bittersweet yearning that feels like
waiting for someone you never met
beeing close to the far too far away
loosing something you never had

rather continue waiting for the right
than wasting time with the wrong
one day
far away will be right around the corner


tired though you just woke up
isolated in midst your friends
sun is getting on your nerves
may heaven cry tears of pain

these days
when there is nothing in you


about patience & confidence